Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Off the net and on the wagon

Well end of year was a bit of a washout, literally. Not been online since before christmas and not turned a pedal since christmas eve and that was just a (failed) short trip to the market to purchase some large fowl of some sort. Woke up boxing day with sore throat, swollen glands, headache and generally feeling like crap and I've been that way, on and off, since. Ho hum. Weather hasn't exactly had me pining for the trails either bloody 'orrible eh? Been great spending so much time with the family tho altho we've not being doing much just hanging out and visiting relatives but that's cool.

Have been spending a lot of time losing a lot of sleep playing Skyrim (xmas pressie of the mrs) awesome game, feels like more of an adventure than oblivion, more like morrowind. Graphics are amazing, UI is a bit iffy but I'll cope, currently in danger of getting bogged down with too many tasks and losing direction so I'll knuckle down and stick to one route. They've also made it more one or t'other, you have to make choices now, rather than (like oblivion)  being able to be everyone's mate and be good at everything you have to specialise. Some stuff coming over from falloutNV too which is no bad thing.

Will try a gentle commute tomorrow see how I manage, hopefully nightride again next week.

Oh yeah, happy new year, hope you all had a good christmas.

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