Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 debrief

Yep time to crack out the excel and start fumbling my way through filter and autosum.

Hmm bit of a sparse year riding wise, 4397miles in total from 179 rides, 400miles less that last year but similar number of rides. 2194 road 2203 xc so I can just about claim to be a mountain biker. Only 2 half centurys and just 9 rides over 30, hmm.
119 clocked up getting to work (3070)
60 just for fun rides (1327)
29 nightrides (578)
17 away trips this year (378), bit dissapointing but did quite a few good local rides.

Pompino unsurprisingly was the most ridden again (1937)
Blinglespeed, the new boy, dominated xc (1154) thats 3091 SS miles this year
RM managed 23 rides (532)
Mmmbop only did 15 (313)
Canondale road bike was much underused (257)
Heckler only made it out 8 times!  (130)
Inbred retired in Feb (74)

longest ride:- hilly road ride
Hardest ride:- STW Lee and Crag
Best ride:- hmm tricky one, just been rereading some of my posts, it's cheered me up and reminded me that there were quite a few awesome rides, high st solo, coniston loop, newlands, 3towers nightride, first really sunny ride of the year and Mr Sparkles darwen rides were a nice intro to new local trails but I guess it's going to have to be the walna scar slackers ride with lowey's lot, nice trails (presanitisation) gorgeous weather, mid ride dip, plenty of banter and a really good laugh.

So how did my 2011 aims go
Brownbacks races - nope
Get fast - nope

Sneak in a last minute keilder entry - nope
Do more miles than last year - nope.
Oh dear.

Will try to think up some more unacheivable aims for this year...



Junkyard said...

at least i made your ride of the year

How about the coast to coast road in under 10 hours - only 135 miles flatish for the distance and we keep threatening can single speed it if you want but I am taking gears

High street in a day as practice for Kielder
Would like to do the three towers again a nice long local loop
I know you have done it but MTL is something i need to tick off as well

You need some bikey aims for your eldest as well ;-)

D0NK said...

C2C should have been done a while ago but its logistics innit, getting to and from either end.

Did most of high st, was good, perfect weather probably helped. Dunno bout kielder, will think about late entry again.

Soon as we get a bit of dry weather I'll be down the park with charlie and his bike.

Junkyard said...

Logistics Pah my mum lives there so she will give us a bed for the night and a lift home excuses now....its just lack of effort re post above ;-)

lowey said...

Glad to see riding in our company made it the ride of your year!

Smiles not miles my boy, smiles not miles.

toss said...

Nice one Dave - we must have made a good impression ;-) Was great to have you and Johnny along.... a really awesome day out... T

D0NK said...

"smiles not miles" Amen.

Might hijack one of your rides next year too :-)

lowey said...

7-10th June this year... in Keswick!!