Friday, 2 July 2010

Trail tetris*

Reading Loweys post this afternoon spurned me into action, decided on a quick run round local trails. Its weird, I don't live far from lowey but I've never bumped into him out riding and apart from the obvious downhills I rarely ride the same trails as him so I decided to see what I was missing. Sketched out what I thought was his route and headed off. In summer I head for the hills straight up the road, in winter I try to get offroad asap and meander towards the hills more concerned with getting the miles in than adrenaline fuelled downs (cos I'm a big mincer in the wet). While I ride up one valley lowey and friends go up a different one. Quite a similar feel to it and some lovely singletrack, stuff to note for future use. Think I took a few wrong turns had to push a bit and even carry at one pont. Finally rode down a trail I've been going up for years, been meaning to for ages but never got round to it. It was cool finding new ways of getting from a to b and c to d and e to f etc etc Plus it got me out of the house.

*yes I pinched the title off chipps but it's the same scenario.

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