Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dangerous Dave strikes again

Finally got to test my home built wheel last night. The idea was to go out for a quick run down the street and bed* the spokes in so I could retension them again, but in a classic case of imaptience/overdoing it, I rode a few flights of stairs then went in search of some big stairs to jump off. I didn't find any but I did find some medium stairs with a crap run in/out so I hit them too slow and landed badly not very well. Basically instead of bedding it in I battered the wheel. Again to the eye it looked ok just a couple of loose spokes but in the jig you can see there's some tiny flat spots appeared in the wheel now, only a mil or so, shouldn't be noticeable riding. Tightened everything up, will go on a short ride up rivi soon and see how they stand up to some more abuse.

*yes I know a properly built wheel shouldn't need bedding in but I'm not a proper wheel builder


Julbags said...

If it makes you feel any better I was in Paul Hewitts last week and they were doing various things to a newly built pair of wheels to effectively stop them needing adjusted once used a few times, so maybe wheels do need a bit of bedding in. Though these were road wheels and weren't going to be launching off steps.

D0NK said...

my LBS always says bring back your wheels after a cpl weeks for a retrue but the consensus on STW and (more importantly) a pro book i read is that well built wheels don't need bedding in. Aslong as it doesnt pringle or need retruing after every ride I'll be happy