Monday, 12 July 2010


What the ****, some scrotey ****er ***ing well pinched my ****ing saddle, seatpost and the cheeky ****s took my seatclamp too! I left my pompino in the train station this morning and the theiving ****tards went to work on it. I wouldn't mind but it was a bolt on one, I'm not daft enough to leave any QR stuff in public. Suppose it's a good job it's got proper nutted axels otherwise I might have been short a front wheel too. I'm not a happy bunny tonight, forty five quids worth of replacements ordered. Grrrr. I will be on the lookout for crappy supermarket specials with planet-x superlight saddle, 3d forged seatpost and seatclamp (all in black) and getting very irate with the rider in the unlikely event that I do see it.
It's been a while since I had anything pinched, forgot how much it pisses you off on so many levels. (I had 3 bikes nicked in my youth)

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trio said...

That is rubbish. Will make me think twice about leaving my bike at the train station.