Friday, 2 July 2010


Just got back off our holidays, we went into travel agent and asked for a quiet resort, greek island, leaving in next 24hours, cheap. Definitley got what we asked for, we ended up on santorini in a "resort" called monolithos, wouldn't surprise me if lithos was greek for horse (or it being greece, donkey) Bloody tiny, 2 hotels, 2 tavernas and 1 shop, oh and 1 power station next to the hotel. Wasn't looking good at first. Hotel was really good tho, big apartments with aircon, little pool area and a decent cafe. Couldn't hear/smell/notice the power station at all. A big beach with black volcanic sand. We were a couple of miles from kamari the big resort but we hired a car for a few days but the hotel did a cheap shuttle service and the big supermarket at kamari would come and pick you up from hotel and drop you off after you had shopped. Drove to Fira the main town, brilliant place on the side of a steep hill all the apartments and hotels were right next to each other just little paths between them. Not much fun with a pram but a lovely walk round, have a look here and here.
Bit different going away with a child, not as much chilling by the pool as usual but Charlie was ace, fine on the flights, bit off the first 2 days but soon got used to it. Oh and the entire hotel coo-ed over him all week, women, kids, blokes, staff, everyone and he lapped up the attention. Even when he was a bit off/upset, as soon as a complete stranger smiled at him he grinned back. Little attention whore that he is.
Managed to motivate myself a few days, biggish swim in the sea, a run back from kamari when I dropped the hire car off and another down the coast where I saw a massive sandstone hill. There were little caves tunneled into it with doors on. Fishermans huts I guess. Further on there was really weird erosion with mental channels cut into it, very picturesque, pity I didn't take the camera.
Really nice island and I'd recommend the resort aslong as you don't mind quiet.

Supposed to be riding today but I've got the usual post holiday cough, bowderdale at weekend hopefully - yay.

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