Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dodging the rain

Forecast for bowderdale area was heavy rain but said light rain for peaks so off we went to hayfield. Johnnies hurt his wrist watching the football so it was me Burk and Si. Did lantern pike, super fast downhill, the climg up ollerset moor was new to us, down to Far Phoside and towards peep o day where me and burk realised we'd ridden this section before. No idea about the rest of the route we'd taken but we'd done that bit 7 or so years ago. We climbed up mount famine and went down towards roych clough. When Burk inquired where we were headed after that I had to admit we were doubling back so he waited for us at the top of the drop into the clough. Halfway down his pessimism rubbed off on Si and e stopped so only I went right to the bottom, superb run, fast, steep, twisty, excellent! Back up to famine and down to caldwell clough, never ridden down* this before, steep and loose to start, my tyres were quite skittish so I slowed a bit and Si was right up behind me, he's getting quicker and quicker. Bottom half was ace tho with some big old water bars that looked more like doubles. Nasty climb after but then some lovely singletrack to kinder res, except I nearly binned it in a rut and Si did. Climb out of kinder was as punishing as ever, after that just the middle moor run to finish. Awesome! 3rd time down here and it just gets better each time, smiling like a loon at the bottom as was Burk. Si a bit behind us had crashed again, not a big fan of singletrack but I reckon give him a few more months and he'll be ripping that too. It never rained after all, fairly warm, some strong wind at times but we did well, another nice day.

*me and burk had trudged UP it in some appaling weather several years ago.


lowey said...

Johnnies hurt his wrist watching the football


D0NK said...

dunno he's been watching a lot of footy instead of riding lately and now his wrist is frigged.

Anonymous said...

FFS I have still been riding just darkside and then watching footie It is not a self gratification injury whilst watching the bloody games
PS it is still sore now and hurts when I ride