Friday, 4 June 2010

Stroppy bugger

Just had a call from a belligerent DHL driver, "i'm trying to deliver a pram and you're not here" well yes I'm at work, what are you gonna do if royal mail call you right now to say they're trying to deliver a parcel to you eh? "tried your neighbours and no-ones answering" and...what is your point caller? Bring it back tomorrow or monday maybe? "I'm going to have to try the rest of the doors on your street before I can take it back to the depot" any chance you'll tell me which stranger you leave it with? I've not heard back so presume he's either taken it back to the depot or lobbed it over a wall. What pissed me off was his attitude, proper miffed he was that people are out at work during the week, not quite "on message" is he?
"Don't worry if you're not at home to receive your order as you will be left a calling card with a telephone number to re-arrange delivery.
Thank you again for ordering with Mothercare. We look forward to you shopping with us again. "

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