Thursday, 10 June 2010

A clean run

Was going to ride in on road yesterday taking it easy but unexpected dry weather can't be wasted so onto the SS was fetched and an offroad blast into work. Nice, even the latest rain has been soaked up and nary a puddle to be seen. Good stuff. Someone had taken a dump right in the middle of the trail at forest bank and unless dogs have started wiping themselves with paper napkins I do mean someONE, dirty beggar! Bit of rain on the way home but that cleared up within 10mins so managed not to get covered in mud, lovely.

Dark broody skies this morning meant I stuck to the road, they didn't produce any rain but that could still have been a very good move as I may be joining Lowey on a ride tomorrow. Hiking section guaranteed :-( Very slow ride home tonight to preserve my legs.

1 comment:

Weon said...

It's always nice to receive an unexpected treat while you're riding! At least you spotted it before ploughing through it - now THAT would've been nasty.