Friday, 11 June 2010

School run dad

I took Charlie to nursery for first time today, by bike :-) he was cool with it. Nice short stretch down a quiet pavement, his mum made me promise to stay off the road, she allegedly trusts me and my riding but not drivers. His cahir on the back of pompino was a bit of a bouncy ride so think I will stick it back on the inbred, bit more cushioning with big tyres (and that "steel is real" trail buzz dampening of course!).
Gets bloody busy in that nursery car park just before 9, some stupidly big 4x4s too, with only one entrance cars get blocked in too despite the fact that there's loads of parking on road outside.


Jason said...

Brilliant! Used to like taking Liam out on the bike, too big for it now though. Still now he's riding his bike i can go for little rides with him!

trio said...

Bet he loved it! He is getting big now isn't he!

D0NK said...

Getting big quick, wont be long till he's on 2 wheels :-) cant wait