Friday, 18 June 2010

A bad morning

Worst commute in a long time mostly down to scrotey fecking chavvy scum. Set off and my knee was playing up, got up in the night on weds to try and calm charlie down and for no reason while walking down the landing my knee exploded in pain. Still not feeling strong, hoping it will sort itself out soon. Down Darcy lever, see a guy riding towards me, he's on first name terms with the staff down at JD sports but he's on a bike so good on him, I move way over to the side of the trail give him plenty of room, as he goes passed he swerves towards me shouting "woah!" nobber.
Remember the human crap I found the other week? Well theres loads there now (with bog roll), it's right around the corner from a gypsy camp. I knew the camp was there before but didn't mention it cos I don't wanna jump to conclusions, but it's kind of a BIG coincidence. Plenty of areas seem to have a trail called "dog shit alley" well manchester now has it's own "human turd ginnel" awesome.
Worst tho was at clifton junction there's a couple of factorys being demolished and the local theiving scrotes are slowly asset stripping it themselves, fences always have holes in them, and occasionally you see some dodgy looking characters knocking about. Today there was a huge transformer in the middle of the trail, they must have dragged it so far then got bored so left it. I eventually managed to drag it out of the way - getting oil on my gloves :-( - and rode off through a puddle - hang on puddle?! dryest summer in ages! Shiiiiiii... it's oil thats been leaking out of the transformer, all over my tyres and now dripping on my frame. Arghh my brakes! Clean the excess off with ferns and grass but it's not shifting the rest so rode along till I found some discarded clothing (theres always some thing) a sock, fairly clean looking too. Cleaned most of the oil off and tried brakes for the first time, felt ok, nice one, got away with it. Nope couple of miles on the brakes start squealing and a distinct lack of power. Contaminated pads, proper pissed off now.
AND there was a tree blocking the trails
AND the shower wasn't working properly (again)

Update: called environment agency about the transformer/oil and they're looking into it, on my way home I saw the scrotes had been back to strip it down it's off the trail now but still loads of oil about - hope it's not dangerous stuff. Managed to clean my disc pads with blow torch, ethanol and sandpaper (some useful stuff at work eh?) so may be OK now. Gloves stil stink after an overnight soak and washing twice :-(


samuri said...

That's pretty disgusting. We had gypsies staying on the wasteland behind out house. Live and let live I say normally but that perspective changed when I came across a *pile* of discarded chemical toilet contents right next to the path.

I was gagging quite a bit for a while.

Dave said...

It probably wasn't oil coming out of a transformer - PCB's more like! Where is it - not the one on the old aquaduct near 13 arches? Needs reporting to the EA if it's leaking as it's very harmful and persistant.

D0NK said...

Yep thats the place dave, and I did report it. I noticed on my way home the scrotes had moved it round the corner to strip it. Not been back since so dunno whats happened to it. EA did say they'd let me know what happened, no info yet tho.