Friday, 4 June 2010

Stood up

Nightride was thursday this week, Si couldn't make it so would just be me and Johnnie. Usual route up, met a guy (Richard) riding a merida on Burnt Edge, got chatting, invited him on our regular(ish) tuesday rides, I asked him who he was on STW, turns out STW is not as ubiquitous in the mtb fraternity as I thought, "whats STW?". Anyway, kennel run was big fun, wildeswood awesome, how good are dry trails? Got to barn and awaited johnnie's arrival, he has been known to be a little late before now so I patiently sat in the sun. After 20mins and no show I gave him a call, no answer, decided to wait a few more minutes, he called back "oh we're supposed to be riding tonight aren't we? oops" So I headed up the hill on my own, did some new stuff in china Japanese gardens that Richard recommended and finally had a look at the stuff near wildes that I think Matts been doing. Not bad will use some of it again. Up onto winterhill again for san marino to finish. Thought I was quick last week but this was a lot quicker, I stayed off the brakes and was hitting terminal velocity on quite a few sections, legs were killing on the last bit. Hit the bottom absolutley buzzing, shouting lots of expletives, pumped up and adrenaline and endorphins, arms and legs tingling from the workout. Almost better than sex.
Hardest ride since april, legs are starting to function again, chest/lungs need to buck up their ideas, a few runs might be an idea.

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