Thursday, 12 February 2009

This is why I prefer xc

Baaad ride in this morning, well actually it was a nice crisp morning but other people are just such wankers, 4 arseholes in a 12mile ride. I'm overtaking the stationary traffic in farnworth and prick in a golf gets pissed off with waiting pulls out of line of traffic into right hand turn only lane, floors it passed everyone then cuts in again at lights (not the first time I saw someone do that this morning but the first to do it just as I'm passing him). Knob (or knob-ette) in a merc drifts left and cuts me up while I'm in a cycle lane then just a little further on a dick is in the mandatory cycle lane at the entrance to a big roundabout - and not just wheels a bit over the line, no, the pillock was an inch from the kerb! Then to top it all off just as I'm getting to the right turn into work (I'm in the right hand lane) complete wanker comes tearing up behind me to beat the lights and overtakes me while going round the corner cutting me up really feckin close. Grrr

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