Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Broken and buggered

Hmm having a few failures lately, my original Z1 bombers finally gave up the ghost last week, they'd been leaking oil for a few weeks and started to bottom out with a clunk last week. I'm going to retire them as one of the stanchions has a scratch and slight dent - they are only 10years old what gives? I nipped up to merlin at weekend to get some xc500s to replace them, I doubt they'll last 10 years.

The tread on the heel of one of my Northwave celsius boots has started to come off - not good, they are only about 12months old, will see if I can get a cobbler to glue it back.

Pompino, great bike crap bearings, the bottom bracket is rough as toast at the moment and the rear wheel is proper wobbly (rapid bearing wear possibly caused by me taking on a humvee) I've got replacements for the BB but rear wheel might be a bit trickier to sort.

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