Monday, 23 February 2009

Let off some...

Steam, what a bag o shite, I finally got round to purchasing half life 2, greatest game ever made allegedly*. I've been put off buying it sooner cos of the damn fool method of installing it, you buy the game and disk and then you have to get online and download a load of stuff to actually play it, what gives, put the damn game on the frigging disk I pay for. At home I have an internet PC with OS updates and virus scanners and all that sort of stuff to slow it down. I also have a slightly better PC with XP-lite on it and that's it, just the OS and some games, runs faster, less complications. So steam is a problem, anyway I bite the bullet and decide to connect the PC just so I can install the game and to minimise time online I'll register and everything from my web PC. Sign up here choose a name, cool my moniker is free, give details blah blah, verify you are human by typing the characters in this here picture okey dokey. Uh Uh, please re-enter, try again, and again, why is this so bloody hard? case specific? try all variations, refresh pic until I get one easy to read no doubt about the characters nope. Grrr! After 10 minutes and lots of expletives I plug in my gaming PC and try there, yay you don't have to do the stupid picture thing. Uh Uh your name is not available. WTF it has been for the last 10 minutes, maybe it did sign up but the web end screwed up, try that. Uh Uh. Arrrgh, OK signup with a new name OK done, just getting files ready for install....5%...10% moving pretty quick.... 100% good...100% ....100% Hmm. I go for a sit down and a drink come back 10mins later still 100%. Just before I pull the plug it jumps into life again and finally after all this time the DVD I paid for finally sparks into action. Once setup the game still needs an internet connection everytime you start it up (the guy in the shop said it only needed web access for install - lying bugger) which is a pain in the arse as i have to re-enable all those services I disabled, it takes a while to authorise too but I still expect to lose many many hours playing it in the coming weeks.

*its gonna have to be good to knock FF7 off that spot

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