Monday, 23 February 2009

Amblekiller mk2

Wahey! First away game of the year and it was a biggy. I planned to go to ambleside on sunday but when I got up the weather was looking iffy and I wasn't sure but I went anyway. I shouldn't have worried it was a great day, bit of cloud and wind but no rain and it was pretty dry. Similar route to one I did last year but tweaked a bit, paced myself well early on, pushed a bit hard in the middle and started to fade the last hour. Few punctures too, 1 caused by doing and entire downhill with the forks locked out (idiot) and I got to try out the tubeless repair kit i got last year (i run tubeless on the rear to try and avoid pinch punctures), it worked but my god it was fiddly. I started losing it a bit at one point, I shouted at my bike cos the brakes were squeeking (I had to reset the pistons) and then I saw a sheep, I could taste roast lamb and was wondering how difficult it would be to kill and cook a sheep with just a multitool. I necked an energy gel and that sorted me out. Took a bit of wrong turn and ended up missing out a cpl of miles but I think they'd have killed me. I really like the route, loads of rocky tracks with twisty downhills, I will be trying again in summer with those extra couple of miles (and maybe a final detour up lingmoor fell if I'm feeling really suicidal)
43 miles
6:45 hrs

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