Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More riding

More commuting cross country, a lot more tiring than on the road but more fun and less chance of getting smeared over the tarmac by idiot drivers. Friday I was really flagging, thought I'd just about be able to crawl home, but I tried the route on the other side of the Irwell and I saw signs for HTN 1.5 so I thought I'd have a quick go of the course. Looked pretty good, loads of singletrack with a few tricky sections and I was doing OK, legs kept going. The organisers didn't use much of last years course, there seems to be loads of riding round there, practically on my doorstep, I should try riding there more often. Lots of mud which made hard going on sections and when I got home and tried to clean it off the mud had frozen! A good end to the week.

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trio said...

I was thinking I should explore round there as well!