Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Shallow grave

Met up with Si last night couple of weeks ago this post has been stuck in limbo for aaaaages, rode up barrow bridge and winter hill, 2lads approach is well boggy, will avoid for a while, the descent was slippy and some crosswind made the chute at the end intersting. Met Johnnie and did wildes rooty, slippy as hell nearly lost it in a big front wheel slide on the first corner, Si did the same, few more sketchy moments on the way down and Johnnie took a detour when it was obvious he couldn't make a corner so let the bike follow the alternate trail it already apparently preferred! Bit of exploring next try some new trails I figured, not great couple of short downs, a couple of scrambles up, the last of which I crested and my light lit up what looked ominously like a shallow grave, oh dear! Looked around, nope someone's building a downhill track, oh yeah! Pushed up past a berm and a jump and topped out, turned around and rode it, not a great berm, and ok jump, an even dodgier berm and oh that's it, ah well. Along a track that led to a road which Johnnie was convinced to be a dead end, we both thought it was the same road but we disagreed on where it ended up, turned out I was right it was commonwealth climb, not done it for ages, I wheezed up, Si and Johnnie took it a bit more leisurely. Over to do ICR, bit smoother than it has been for a while. Johnnie split there and me and Si took the fairly direct route back home descending the golf course to finish. Nice night.

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