Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mmm nice!

Last Mondaycouple of mondays ago this post has been stuck in limbo for aaaaages commute was gorgeous, bit of frost, some low level mist, absolute calm, wide open blue skies, silence and not another soul around on the offroad sections.

Rode along the canal and just had to stop for snaps, frosted flora all around. There were shafts of sunlight shining between the trees, proper lovely, camera wouldn't pick them up tho :-( Stopped again near the remand centre to take pics, the tree opposite was bathed in the glorious golden morning light, as mr ferrantino said in one of his STW columns, it's different to evening light, just so. Anyway this tree, orange and yellow leaves, warm light, clear, silent day, I just looked on in awe. Then I noticed the leaves were constantly falling off with a gentle *flut* sound as they landed on the leaf strewn ground, one after the other,

I passed it last night and there's still loads of leaves on there, can't believe it's not completely denuded by now. Pretty cool moment all in all. Then I hit the crescent and had some knob in a corsa try to squeeze between me and the stationary traffic - whilst in a bus lane and then tailgating me when I took primary to dissuade him from trying again. Ho hum.

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