Monday, 22 April 2013


Been a while, not a whole lot to report tho. Me and Si did a night ride with the rollers a couple weeks ago, met at the wilton arms up to the quarry tops, down and around smithills, up barrow bridge, up burnt edge then down to holden's farm. Onto winter hill down the shooting hut path and over to lowey's secret singletrack. Was going dark by this point so on with the lights, we all got down to the corner. I've never actually seen anyone ride this corner before so was weird to see several of the lights ahead just ride up to it and straight down, impressive. It's been a while so I was a bit tense but made it down unscathed. Pint and a chat afterwards, new combo of old trails, nice.

Last weekend I drove me and johnny up to the lakes, Si caught us on the motorway so we convoyed to grizedale, bit of a hiccup with satnav but we made it there in the middle of a rainstorm, sat in the car, rain drumming on the roof, waiting for one of us to make a move. Eventually saddled up and set off, rain had eased off by then so it was just muggy and wet under tyres. Usual route through the forest onto moor lane, really really good fun down there, very wet so not as quick or sure footed as I'd like but it put a smile on my face. Breasty haw next some quality banter, drop through the woods and a puncture stop so I repeated a bit of it. Up and down slack wood where we all did the rock drop off by the tree, I Went for a closer look while Si and Johnny lined up for it, put my foot up against the rock and slipped off, very slick rock! All safely down so we headed over to near sawrey and climbed up to claife. It jhad brightened right up now and turned into a nice day, result. Colthouse was a good laugh and we rolled into hawkshead where I spyed cake porn mmmm, chocolate strawberry cake and lots of it, me and Si had to split it between us and I still felt a bit queasy climbing past the vicarage. Bit of the north face trail then titties track to finish, good day out, 6hours for 19miles it was a relaxed pace and quite chatty :-)

Another one bites the dust!

Commuting more of the same, ie lots of punctures, due to illness only did 3 last week and got 4 punctures :-( running 60/65 psi now and getting battered and pinged all over the shop, will be worth it if it stops the flats tho. Had to put a new chain on and rotate the ring, don't last long, hmmm will have to have a proper look at belt drive.

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