Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Twelve Hundred (2012 results)

So that was 2012, hmmm. Hope it was fun for you, not a bad year all in all but definitely mediocre riding wise. 4968 total mileage, better than last couple of years, if I'd got off my arse during christmas break I guess I could have topped 5000 but just couldn't get in the mood, other stuff to do. Unsurprisingly the majority was commuting (3755) a third of it offroad (1231) the rest on tarmac (2524), just a few road rides, 23 nightrides meant my jib out rate for the "weekly" nightride was rather high (ashamed face) and 26 normal rides. Only got to 15 away fixtures this year and only got to the lakes a few times, more peak rides this year. Anyway all that boils down to 1213 miles of riding just for fun, doesn't sound much does it? 53 rides, 1 a week, hmmm. Will have to try to do better this year.

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