Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day one, one month on

OK slightly over a month but xmas is pretty much bike free nowadays. So hows it going? Well 15 commutes, just short of 400miles, I'm enjoying it but it isn't without problems. I'll mark the crash down as MOSF*, what I do have issues with is the amount of punctures I'm getting, another last night means on average I'm puncturing every other day. Dunno if they're all pinch or some thorn/glass or just duff tyres (conti CX 35mm). Was running 40/45psi but after the first flurry of flats I upped it to 45/50, this seems pretty damn high for CX where 30ish seems more common and it's not like I'm riding rocky trails, just a few cobbles and stuff, already noticed the loss of some control and comfort (possible contributing to the crash?) don't want to go higher pressure-wise. Tried fitting tubeless last night but it wasn't happening, will try with work's compressor tomorrow see how that goes, can't go on with this amount of flats. Grrrr. Saddle is comfy enough but it's a short snagger, that's getting changed just as soon as I can be bothered, got a flite waiting to go on. Hands can get a bit battered if I rest the heels of my palm on the bars while I'm on the hoods (ok if I grip hoods properly) so some chunkier grip tape will be added at some point. Only one guard bolt has worked loose but since I threadlocked it it's been ok, no rattling or rubbing. Everything else seems to be fine gearing is spot on, a bit hard for the few small climbs on my commute but just right for flying along the rest. Slipping around on the mud is the right side of amusing, not much to compare them against but apart from their propensity to lose air the tyres seem to actually grip ok, not binned it yet. Been having some slippage from the rear tyre on a wet wooden bridge and the wall of hypothermia while trying to accelerate, hub is right at the end of the dropouts, if I take a link out of the chain and get the wheel forward it might sort that out, no biggy tho. Gone through a set of rear brake pads already but I was doing a lot of brake dragging at first, hopefully pad wear won't be an issue, TBC, other wise brakes are working ok (BB7s). So far I like it, if I get the puncture issues sorted i should be a happy CX bunny.

*my own stupid fault

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