Monday, 21 May 2012

yay...erm I mean eurgh

Weather has changed yippee, but as is usual for me I welcomed the bright sunny dawn with a sorethroat and prolonged bout of sneezing, oh. Coupled with the fact that rather embarrassingly the only working bike I have is the squishy hemlock I binned the riding to work offroad plan. Blinglespeed is missing a stem donated to the hemlock, etsx back wheel is in bits waiting to be tubeless-i-fied and a quick urban ride on thursday caused the forx on my mmmbop to piss oil all over the place. To be fair I was rather busy this weekend overhauling my absolutley knackered commuter. That brown stuff on my cranks a couple of weeks ago
Was my BB self destructing, cranks were wobbling quite badly by thursday. Wheels, brakes, tyres and bar tape were in a bad way too
Fortunatley I did have assistance.
And sustenance
:-) All better now tho.


Weon said...

If all else fails, hit it with a hammer!

D0NK said...

disturbingly he spends more time "fixing" his balance bike than riding it, dunno where he gets that from.