Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Im a bad bad man

First commute in after my holidays and it wasn't good, quite a few people upsetting me. Down the dual carriageway a few people passed too close until I moved to just right of centre of the first lane then I had a bloke tailgate me beeping and waving me to move in, I pointed out the 2 other (empty) lanes he could use to overtake me, he was disinclined to use them but eventually did when I refused to move. After that a bloke in a fiesta passed unnecessarily close, me doing over 20 him doing 40ish so a combined speed of 60 and a passing distance of ooh about a foot and a half despite having another completely free lane at his disposal. That was the last straw he was waiting at the next set of lights where I got unnecessarily close to his wing mirror*, turned back said "oh sorry was that a bit close?" and shrugged my shoulders, he then tried to drive into me. I did the manly thing and went and hid on the pavement. Not big, not clever, been a looong time since I did anything like that and I regret doing it now, partly because I'll have to keep an eye out for him in future and partly because I doubt he'll come away from the incident thinking "ooh maybe I was a bit too close and scared that vulnerable road user, should watch my driving in future" more like "****ing cyclist he better watch it in future or I'll smear him over the road" Think I'll give up riding the dual carriageway, just not worth the hassle, ride in the gutter and you get loads of people passing too close, ride in the centre of the lane and you get occasional person abusing you for being there and the odd nobber passing really close seemingly just to annoy/intimidate you**, you can't win. Hoping for dry weather, I want some offroad stress free commutes *just flicked it, no permanent damage ** they have to move partly into the other lane to get passed me anyway, why they can't move over fully is beyond me

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