Tuesday, 22 May 2012

2 day rule

Feeling no better today but more importantly no worse and 2nd sunny day in a row = I'm riding. Gorgeous, sharing the trails with deer, rabbits, squirrels and herons is sooooo much better than doging homocidal motorists. Trails are in pretty good condition, might even consider ditching the crud guards at this rate. Just hope I recover properly for weekend.
Remember I bought a 240 rear hub? Might actually be reay for use now, only took 11months. Strip, new bearings, build with crest rim, ding the crest on my other wheel on the second ride decide crest won't be strong enough get an arch rim and rebuild. Test ride realise bearings were fitted badly and dragging a lot, get shop to fit some new ones. fitted rimstrips last night and inflated tubeless no problems. Better be worth all the hassle.


Julbags said...

My 240 hub is now seven years old, just needed bearings replaced but still going great. Jez has one that must be getting on for at least 10 years...still going strong and he doesn't baby his kit. He bought the full servicing kit (helps with Hope hubs too) years ago and expects load more life out of them, think the rims will die first (though I do have an 11 year old rim on the back of the hardtail, Hope XC hub of similar vintage again going strong).I'm please I bought mine at 2005 prices though!

D0NK said...

got some 440s that seem pretty good so far so figured 240s were worth a go and got it cheap. Only downer is the special tool needed for removing the star drive ring (and my hamfistedness with bearings)

Still got a pair of XCs, now they were built to last, fronts original bearings are only just on their way out.