Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer rain, dripping down your face again.

The plan was to meet up with HTS and terrahawk and some other prestwich locals from STW, 8:30 is a bit of a late start so me, Johnnie and Si decided to start early, do an hours ride then go back to meet the rest. Johnnie got stuck in traffic nightmare so cancelled but gave me the headsup so I could avoid it. Me and Si suited up and as we swung our legs over the bikes the heavens opened, 20mins of hammering rain, we got soaked and covered in mud. Late start due to detour so me and Si were racing through drinkwater and along the clifton singletrack, we were going to have a look at the bombhole but by the time we got to sewage plant we were short of time so turned back and did the singletrack again, fast and a quick climb back up to the church. Bit of a wiat for everyone to turn up then we set off, some new stuff through prestwich clough, then onto drinkwater, hurst woods round the HTN1 course to the bombhole which was greasy as hell, dark by this time too so just one run each (everyone survived) then onto the clifton singletrack (again) The race whippet on a silly light scott scale was at the front so I decided to chase him, was fun going full pelt in the dark, branches and bushes encroaching on the trail making corners tighter and reducing vision, whoosh. Puncture stop for terra's lad, whippet left us as he lived nearby rest of us got eaten alive during the wait then we rode back at the church for a pint. Good laugh, met some new faces and chatted to familiar faces, hopefully will go on another soon with an earlier start and more riding.

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