Monday, 8 June 2009

Busy Busy

What a busy week! Bowderdale on Sunday then I went road riding with a couple of guys from work on Tuesday. Gaz is getting back into road riding, he used to race and stuff years ago since then he's been commuting but he got a spangly carbon bike and has started a training plan. He wanted to ride round north manchester so I took him and Si out through middleton/heywood, up ashworth res climb, over to edenfield, haslingden, helmshore, holcombe, hawkshaw, affetside, tottington, affetside again and into bury where we split. Good ride lots of climbing, I pushed preety hard on the climbs knowing Gaz would chase and he did. He stayed pretty close behind, Si a fairly new biker did well, going at his own pace. Felt guilty at the end when I had 6miles to get home Si a bit less, Gaz was still 18miles away! I thought it was only about 10 flattish miles but no he lives further away than I thought. He may get his own back when we go out to his end!
Thursday I went over to the north yorkshire moors, I had planned thursday off and asking around at the Bowderdale ride deejay offered to show me round the moors. I didn't realise quite what a bugger to get to they are but went anyway and it was a good day out. Overcast and chilly but good company and good riding, Craig and Jacqui had to leave early due to Craig ripping his rear mech off in the heather but Mel Deejay and I finished the route, moorland singletrack (very cut gate-esque) and doubletrack no idea what route we took but fryup dale was in there some techy downs and nice flowy moortop riding and of course tea and cake back at the cars. Mmmm. Thanks Deejay.

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