Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dust and sunshine

Night ride night this week was wednesday, I set off a bit early to try out a cheeky offroad route up to barrow bridge, not bad all rideable, 6 mainly offroad miles instead of the usual 3 on tarmac. Went upto 2 lads before meeting Johnnie and Laimonus, the last 2 nightrides I've been late due to punctures so I pumped up my tyres rockhard and did the downhill to the kennels then wildeswood. I pinged about all over the shop, not too scary but definitley on the edge instead of comfortably in control. Was feeling a bit tired, last couple of days have been a shock after the hols so got 2 Paris slices from the lower barn, mmmm. Met the lads and went up to the pike where we met with a few of laimonus' mates, so about 10 of us all together. I let some air out of my tyres so was much comfier dropping from the pike. We went down georges lane and up winter hill to 2 lads and did the kennel run which most people enjoyed, then on to wildeswood which everyone liked unfortunatley I got a flat in the woods and there were midges everywhere, at first people waited while I replaced my tube but soon said they'd meet me at the bottom - don't blame them i was getting eaten alive, I've about a dozen bites on each leg! At the bottom I split for home via scout road/barrow bridge and had a quick look at the amazing collapsing shop on halliwell road. Crawled into work this morning, bloody knackered.

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