Thursday, 14 February 2013


Trip to the dentist meant a long ride to work last week, fun tho, except for the quarter mile of woodchip, really slow going, should have detoured. Looks like they are tarting up the old leigh/worsley train line. Couple of "um, why?" moments.
Road to nowhere

With full working pedestrian crossing (linked in to the cross road) bizarre.

Get off your bike

Route 55, not a shared use pavement, just a quiet road you're directed along but for some reason you are supposed to dismount. Hmmm.
Nevermind, was nice to be out riding in work time. Been enjoying the offroad commutes, hard work sometimes, a bit slow going but it's nice to be able to chill out and look around you rather than be constantly looking over your shoulder or scanning ahead for numpties.

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