Monday, 25 June 2012

Warmers is where it's at

Nowt much to report, been riding to work xc where possible, getting pretty muddy in the process and slowly going round the twist. My blinglespeed was creaking form the BB area, stripped it down and sure enough the bottom bracket had some play, oh dear <18months old and it's shot, so much for "square taper lasts forever" to be fair the play was pretty minor and I would normally have continued to use it but that big carbon downtube amplifies sounds and the creaking was doing my head in. New bb was silent for one ride but then creaking continued, loads of faff tried, replacement nds crank all to no avail, looks like the cranks have had it. Will have to put some external bearings crankset on it, not good on a wet weather bike, will have to get my arse into gear and bodge some greaseport versions - don't hold your breath.

In other news it's raining but warm with it making sartorial choices troublesome, waterproofs are already out in my book but even softshells are proving boil in the bag at the moment so I've been going for "stay warm when wet". Roubaix arm and knee warmers with a gillet, pacamac showerproof on standby for stair rod rain. Works well for commutes, got totally soaked once and quite damp a few times, longer rides might be risky but for hour long stuff it's fine.

No extracurricular activities, need some decent riding soon, just an OK forecast and I'd book some riding time but no, rain rain and more rain, just not  quite as bad as recent. Well whoopee :-(

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