Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nervous tension/where's your head at

Typical, at a quarter to home time the heavens open, cheers! After our heavy exertions at stainburn (a whole 8 miles according to Si's sportstracker) it was a tough choice in the morning, a wet (well, damp) ride to work xc and then a short nightride or an ride in on the blacktop then a longer nightride. After several disappointing incidents on road I really don't like running the gauntlet anymore so xc it was. Just a light smattering f mud on the way in, dry day was looking forward to the trails having dried out. Nope, chucking it down and I was in my proper riding gear that I would want for my nightride so I wimped out and got the train home, nice and dry.

Met Si at moss bank again, in the rain - again, and headed up the hill. 2lads and wildes dispatched ok despite being greasy, heading up school climb I told Si I still felt nervous from stainburn, weirdly he agreed, emotional scarring I tell you, Si figured post traumatic stress disorder. Lining up somewhat apprehensively at the top of ICR Si went first, me at the back on my hardtail. I Started following his line, to the left of the tarmac then changed my mind cut across and jumped off the tarmac heading right , landed badly (thought I'd flatted the front) went off course and onto the grass, hit several very big rocks each slowing me down till I almost stalled and then another bounced me off into the undergrowth. More crashes in 2 days than all of last year!

Tried to get my head together, upto the pike where the weather had cleared on our particular hill and it seemed a nice night, off the top along georges and up to san marino, taken a bit gentler than we have done recently, got down ok into a load of drizzle, shower proofs on. Did the quarry, up horrocks fold and down smithills and home. Not bad, hope all this crashing stops, if the saying "if you're not crashing you're not learning" is true I'm happy to stay stoopid.

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