Thursday, 28 June 2012

Come back to what you know

A full nightride, sorted. We had a new guest, Craig came over form darwen, just getting back into mountain biking, visited our side of the hills to check out the trails. I rode over in the drizzle and was inside the cloud climbing burnt edge. Dropped down hole in the wall and wildes, quite dry considering the weather, through the trees was wet but it nearly alwasy is. Rain and most of the cloud had cleared by the time I met Johnnie and Craig and we set off. Up to georges and down ICR, nice easy intro for Craig. Upto to the pike where we saw a couple guys on Intenses set off, we followed and had a chat at the bottom, after a few mins I realised they were part of the group I met and rode with in Spain with Switchbacks a few years back. Rode with them along georges and they showed us a rooty singletrack bit through wildeswood, nice, altho one of them trashed his rear mech and had to freewheel home. Swapped details may be meeting up with them for future night rides.
Up hole in the wall not too bad as I turned back I saw a runner catching up with Johnnie and Craig decided to give him a run for his money, shifted into middle ring and put in some effort breathing hard expecting to hear footsteps any minute, near the top I was feeling the strain turned back and runner was miles away, mixture of pride and dissappointment at the wasted effort. Quick regroup then on up to the mast and did san marino cut up but fairly dry. Split at the bottom Johnnie and Craig taking the road back to rivi, I skipped the quarries and rode through smithills to home. Good to do a proper ride, the drive up and short rides I have been doing are a bit feeble.

Goit eaten alive again are the midgies on steroids this year or what?


lowey said...

Map link for Rooty ST please, thick I know but always good to check.

At least your riding... I'm off for min 2 weeks with knee tendonitis :(

Weon said...

Trust me, the ├╝bermidgies are not just limited to your neck of the woods. The Welsh ones are ravenous right now too. Definitely worse than normal.

D0NK said...

YGM lowey

all the damp weather breeding monster midges you reckon weon?