Thursday, 5 May 2011

That was wierd

Mrs giving birth to our second child in our front room, she always wanted a "home confinement" but last time it wasn't to be, complications. This time she wanted a home thingy with added wet. This is Charlies inflatable pool at his grandpas

and this is the behemoth his mum bought for his lil' siblings water birth.

Thats a hell of an upgrade for charlie's paddling pool next summer! Easily fit 2 adults in there, 3 or 4 if you're good friends ;-) Took 10minutes to inflate with leccy pump but an hour to fill. Helped a lot with pain relief apparently altho it was a bit dark inside the pool for the midwives (3 of them!) to see what they were doing so I broke out the hope 4. "Ooh that's bright isn't it?" money well spent! Mrs started flagging after 10 hours of contractions so I pepped her up with some caffeine power gels, sickly sweet temporary recovery food stuff of champions. It was getting on, things didn't seem to be progressing so an ambulance was called. As we heard the sirens the mother in law pulled the gas&air out of mr good wife's mouth and said "MTFU and push" (I may be paraphrasing). And lo with some mighty heaving and a fair bit of screaming Alex* was born.

Awesome and the bike geek in me is proud to know the lighting and nutritional needs of this home confinement were supplied by my hobby :-)

For those who care about such things weight was an eye watering 10lb 6oz, it has to be said he looks the double of charlie, well actually more of a 1.5 scale replica than a double.

*provisionally, we both like alex but his full name sounds bloody stupid, especially in a bolton accent (we only realised this when the midwife asked us for his name for the notes). Hmm.


lowey said...

Congratulations to you both Dave!

All the very best!

Weon said...

Massive congratulations. I guess that's all your riding time gone for the next couple of months then?

Junkyard said...

an eye watering 10lb 6oz


Happy for you all. So what year do our lads enter their first team 24 hour race then? ......and at what age will they be able to beat their aging fathers ?
I have at least another 12 years of owning them IMHO then I am in will get a little longer.
and again 10lb 6 oz YIKES average is 7 lb 7 oz neither of mine reached that.

Julbags said...

Congratulations!!!!!! But 10lbs...I winced!

D0NK said...

Thanks everyone, still quite hectic at the moment (more later) but hopefully things will get sorted soon.