Thursday, 5 May 2011

Boltons burning!

Glorious weather all weekend, I managed to avoid most of the royal wedding tho we went to my mums in the afternoon and saw the last 5 mins of the 8 HOURS of coverage on the BBC. The news came on straight after, number one story "there's been a wedding today" FFS! Anyway monday afternoon I finally made it out for a short ride. Took the heckler decided to do some downhills, up wildes to san marino, new brakes to bed in so thought this would be the place, nope. Horrendous headwind meant I only braked twice all the way down and even had to pedal in plases to keep above walking pace! Back up and then down the shoulder, lots of brake dragging there, bedded in nicely now :-). The view was unusual to say the least. Johnnie hasd text on saturday to say rivi was ablaze, I didn't notice much round rivi but great hill was black. Headed over to spitlers edge, a couple of fire engines at the top of rivi road. Thought they might stop me but no I headed off across the moor, when I got to the slabs the fire had spread up there but was just smoking now.

Hmm. Carried on to the top of great hill and the devastation was even more widespread and swtill a lot of smoking.

It was hellish windy on top but it was a tailwind all the way to white coppice, the downhill was excellent, the best it's been riding for about 10years, the middle section is completely dry now and I barely had to pedal. I flew down it, speed speed speed. Brilliant. Over to rivi via lead mines, up to pigeon tower and back down ICR then back up to the pike, did that, 2 lads and wildeswood, brilliant ride. Was battered next day.
Anyway I better cut this short, looks like wife definitley is in labour after all.


Weon said...

We've had loads of grass fires round here too. Thankfully it's reverted to classic Welsh rain today so that should put a stop to the massive plumes of smoke we keep seeing rising from the hills. Now run along, you have a baby to meet!

D0NK said...

Yeah rain here too, new child incarceration has coincided with rain, guess I should be happy about that :-)

Junkyard said...

you have a child and you are blogging FFS you have one great wife
Congrats etc will let family invade you and see you some time next week

D0NK said...

What else am I gonna do at 3 in the morning apart from time contractions? STW was all quiet too, I was bored. But yes she is rather good :-)