Friday, 6 May 2011


Now the not so good stuff. When Mrs woke me at 1:30am to tell me she was in labour we called the hospital and they said the 2 community midwives on call had just finished a delivery but had to go back to base and do paperwork and it would be "dangerous" to send them out to us, we had to sit and hold tight til 8am, they suggested the mrs go back to bed to slow things down a bit! Big black mark there then. Fortunatley mother in law has done significant midwife training, she came round and said it was early days yet (she was still as pissed off as us at the treatment tho) and as it turned out things didn't progress too quick and 8 was a reasonable time for the midwifes to show (and they were good)
When he was born alex was breathing very hard very quick and his oxygen levels were low so after some umming and arring an ambulance was called (again) and mum and baby went to hospital. Looks like it was probably just fluid inhaled during labour so hopefully they'll be back tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Cleaning up after a homebirth is grim. My mrs would recommend a water birth, I would recommend a waterbirth at a hospital, I'm pretty sure fathers don't have to strain (bleurgh) drain and scrub down the pools at hospital post partem.
In hospital last night mrs was feeling dizzy, prob low blood sugar, wanted a drink so I went to get a coke or another tasty sugary beverage. Nope the hospital has a veto on sugary drinks, not allowed, not even the perennial hospital visitors favourite lucozade. Not a thing. Kind of a health trip, promoting healthiersweetener addled drinks so I'm half with them on this, but seeing as how you can buy as many creme eggs/marsbars/doubledeckers as you can stuff down your fat hole to go with your "healthy" drink I'm left feeling a bit pissed off that I can't have a full fat coke despite foregoing a calorific chocolate feast. Proper health policy or none at all please.


Junkyard said...

MMMM cklaning pool was a bit like the stuff they throw in the water to bait sharks ???

Julbags said...

So your Mrs gives birth to a ten pounder, gets the birth she wants and all you can do is moan about the consequences! My first thought was MTFU! Your Mrs is my new hero, hope all is well with the two real stars of the show (and btw Charlie is really cute).

Julbags said...

Though I have to say it doesn't sound like things were plain sailing. Your mrs is a star though still!!!!!!! Humble in her presence I'm sure!

D0NK said...

To be fair mrs was doing a lot of grumbling about ending up in hospital too, especially after 3 days in there, was very eager to get home. But yes she is a star, a rather large baby on just gas and air, a couple of paracetamols and an oversize bath. Kudos.