Monday, 28 February 2011

Be kind to your knees you'll miss them when they're gone

Amen, mine appear to be crumbling to dust. Been taking it easy all week but knees are still suffering, on the ibuprofen this week I think. Before anyone says it I doubt it's singlespeeding, my knee pain seems to come and go at varying intervals no matter what I'm riding - eg keilder wrecked them, hope they sort themselves out soon. I also hope the weather sorts itself out, I keep daydreaming of long dusty trails, firm grassy sections and fast hardpack climbs, but no, for now it's still chucking it down. Nipped out yesterday to test my SS, slapped some 120mm forks on and a dinky 45mm stem and it has kind of transformed the ride, downs are a lot more comfortable, ICR was not a problem, front end pops up nicely great for wheelying off drops and hopping stuff. Unfortunately it's also gimped the climbing, bars are higher and nearer so not so much leverage for thrutching up climbs, ho hum. I managed tho up barrow and onto winter hill, 2dogs and wildes were fun but then I died on my arse up bastid climb (mind you there is a good reason for the name) A couple of stops and some pushing! Dunno what was up with me, the rest week didn't help much then. ICR, back up the gardens then blast home on road where I managed to catch and drop a roadie*

*ok not a roadie, a man on a drop barred bike.


Julbags said...

Perhaps it's time to see someone about your knees if rest and ibuprofen isn't helping. Could be something as simple as some of the surrounding muscles are too tight or weak, they might only need a massage/torturous manipulation of muscles or the right kind of strengthening. Your GP probably won't be much help though.

D0NK said...

"Your GP probably won't be much help though" Exactly my thoughts, I reckon I'd get a prescription for ibuprofen. Any idea of who to see?

I'm not in pain, I just get the odd twinge and periods where I know if I put strain on them they will hurt.

Julbags said...

Some sort of sports physio but I wouldn't know where to point you. Could maybe ask on your blog if anyone knows but it's likely you will have to pay for it.

As a DIY option you could always get a foam roller/intrument of torture and try releasing your muscles that way, it'll let you know if you've got muscle knots that's for sure. I find it very helpful though don't do it as much as I should. I've got a very tight calf to work on tonight, will probably need a bite stick.

This site is really good for demo videos using the roller and a bit of anatomy to boot:

D0NK said...

Cheers, I'll have a look.

bite stick - sounds ominous!