Monday, 25 October 2010

5/10 must try harder

I was liking the look of the frost yesterday so with more this morning I grabbed the SS and went to work offroad. The wet and mud had started to solidify but the permamud down at the bottom of my road hadn't and various other sections were still wet. Colder please! Well actually it's probably cold enough just need a month or so of this weather. I'd forgotten that rim brakes + sub zero + mud = no brakes, whoops. Had to stop at one point to sort out a sticky piston, whilst there I thought I'd employ a park tools mud stick and get rid of the build up of crud on my downtube/bb but no good, that was frozen on, something else I'd forgotten. I saw 2 deer near the forest bank crim centre, nice, then a bit later there was the most fantastic view. The sky overhead was almost purple, lower down that morphed to azure with a little bit of pink cloud, fading to orange and red on the horizon, the towers of manchester in the foreground and the peak district behind, below there was the bridge over the river with a bit of mist coming up of the water then the whole lot was reflected in the millpond calm on the irwell. Awesome, certainly took my mind off my hangover.
Bike is now in the loading bay, defrosting and no doubt leaving a puddle of mud, will have to consider fitting discs but my trusty Z1s don't have tabs, altho I did notice my "trusty" Z1s had oil on one of the stanchions, might have to fit the newer not improved bombers.

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