Monday, 24 August 2009

I am Nick Craig...not

So we went to the peaks and lined up to have a go at cleaning Jacobs Ladder pfff! yeah right! My first attempt did not go well, got about 15metres up the trail, frontwheel slipped round something swinging it right where it hit a rock pushing it further around a full 180 degrees throwing me off. Ouch. So I picked myself dusted myself off and went back down and had another go. Still nothing scintillating, I made it about 2/3rds of the way to the switchback before having to stop. I tried to ride all of the rest of it in sections just to prove I could clean it if I was a shedload fitter. Was ok up untill the very top section, I rode nearly all of the fixed cobbles right up to where there are a couple of big steps (where I collapsed in a heap) There is a line up those too but I had no chance of getting started again and my legs were turning to jelly. Nice rest at the top, it was a lovely, only slightly marred by the clouds of massive flys, dunno what they were no the usual bluebottles. The rest of the ride was great, me, Burk, Junkyard and JXL, roych clough and rushup edge were great, the drop into edale has huuuuge waterbar drops and the last descent past spray house farm was loads of fun despite me nearly stacking it. I hit a spot of sand, front wheel drifted badly, I just managed to save it, Burk behind me was pissing himself until he realised he was going to run into the back of me and had to slam on. Really good day out, caught a bit of sun and was too tired to do the intended road ride when I got home, pretty achey on sunday. A harsh 19miler.

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