Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Get back on it

So not much riding in the run up to Xmas, certainly no commuting, so was off the bike for a couple of weeks, needed to get back out there and definitely didnt want the crash to be my last ride of 2013. Couple of days free, tentative arrangements to ride the second but the firsts days as nice weather and I didn't want to waste it, family stuff meant I only had a small window so grabbed the road bike. Mrs gave me puppy dog eyes and said "you're not going out on the road are you?" "Yep sorry, now where's the baby wipes? I need to clean this dried blood of my cycling specs", gulp! Set off feeling ok but no idea where to go, headed out to harwood, along to ainsworth, turned back up col du Bastid to affetside setting a pretty slow pace. Roads were quiet and drivers had been mostly behaving but I was still nervous and I was painfully aware of the, by now, low sun. Headed over past edgeworth and up blacksnape towards hoddleston. Decided I'd gone far enough and turned back at the top, pedalled like buggery back down constantly worried about cars passing me but I was going so fast no-one did. Dropped into edgeworth and turned for turton bottoms and got a proper facefull of sun, couldn't see diddly and I was bricking it about cars approaching behind me. Got down safely and wasn't until tonge moor rd that i got a repeat of the full sun in your face effect, another sketchy few moments but again drivers seemed to be behaving around me. Got back home after only two and a half hours but legs had taken a hit and I'd gotten back in the saddle, job done.

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