Tuesday, 7 January 2014

End of days

An auspicious end to my commuting year, speeding home on wet roads, it was dark but clear, overtaking a load if stationary traffic, a slight right bend on the road meant I had a good view of the road ahead, an oncoming car is waiting to turn right ahead, there didn't appear to be a space in the traffic for him to turn so I slowed but kept going, plenty of space to pass and I was well lit and in a bright reflective jacket so he's seen me, right....? Idiot (me not the driver, I've got much more inventive names for him) just as I was about to pass he started to make the turn, I had time to slam on shout some expletives before my front wheel hit the corner of his front bumper and I went down, hitting my face on my bars as I went. I lay on the tarmac, looking up I was level with his face, I shouted for him to get out of the car (along with a few swearies) having initially stopped wondering wtf the bang was dufus in the driving seat presumably  having still not worked it out and also it seems STILL not seen me proceeds to make the right turn the crunch of my bike not far at all from my legs overrode the pain and I jumped up wrenched the guys door open and told him in no uncertain terms to stop the car and get out. By this time a couple of guys had turned up to assist, helped me drag my bike out of the road and got me and the driver out of traffic. 1 cyclist, 1 driver, really appreciate them stopping and offering to be witnesses for me. Driver was an old guy, I apologised a bit for being quite so sweary. By this time I'd noticed blood dripping from my busted lip and the shakes had kicked in. Got everyone's details then pushed my mangled bike to the nearby train station, guy in the ticket office must have thought I looked a sight, offered my tissues to clean myself up. On the platform checked the damage and text some people letting them now I'd be late/not riding - and promptly missed my train, doh.

So erm yeah, no more day one :-(

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