Monday, 20 May 2013


Choices, this weekend I had the option of joining a load of STWers at helvellyn or Lowey and Wors doing whiteless/newlands, so obviously I went on my own to the peak district. Still not sure why, reasons include, cba driving to the lakes, peaks had best forecast, snowdon was my last proper ride so wanted something a bit more pedally, wanting to get some miles in, being an antisocial bugger. Take your pick, probably a combination of all of the above. Anyway parked up in Hayfield and set off, up mount famine, my pace was pretty quick but legs were coping, winter commuting paying off however the descent into roych clough battered my arms. Up out of the clough wasn't too bad and up the roamn road. On rushup edge the bridleway was a boggy mess so after about half a mile of that I jumped back over to the dry firm footpath, was deserted anyway. Dropped onto mam nick and headed over to dirtlowe rake at speed. Battered my way down there and pin dale, lost the chain which got all wrapped up, lost it a few times during the ride, new mech needs some minor adjustment I think.

Down the road to hope and up the roman road to hope cross. Hadn't decided on route yet, me and Burke did The Beast a few years back and were underwhelmed, think it was post resurfacing, decided to give it another go, it's getting more broken up now and was pretty good, wet and slippy was missing my ST tyres and had one almost off but a good run. Bugger of a climb to the road then along it to Rowlee bridge and up blackey hey clib back to hope cross. Was feeling the pace by now, legs starting to fade. Stopped for a snack and a breather.

Did jaggers clough then took the road back up to mam nick, didn't fancy either of the routes up to hollins, completely forgot about chapel gate, should have done that. Over rushup and got well and truly beaten up on the roman road, aching calves, shoulder and arms by the bottom. Drop to roych clough has a mahoosive shelf step now which is cutaway, has to be launched to avoid a face plant. Slogged my way up mount famine, met up with a geezer on a ghost at the turn off for coldwell clough. Followed him down to river kinder, I was going to go straight back to the car but as he was riding kinder thought I'd join him. On the cobbled climb knowing my legs were gone I let him go first, but he spun out so urged me on ahead. I didn't want to falter and potentially block his route so dug very deep to clean the climb, was bolloxed by the top of the cobbles, proper hyperventilating and light headed, needed a little lie down. Up onto middle moor didn't fancy the long road ride back from the bottom of the shooting hut descent and I hadn't done snake path before so I gave that a go. Bit disappointing TBH probably won't bother again, not technical and a lot of gates. 35miles 6000ft, jiggered today, shoulders and arms really aching, need to sort out my weedy upper body.


Jason said...

Miserable sod ;)

Donk said...

yeah, I can be :-)