Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Burnt out

I could immediatley tell that my legs were still not quite right on my commute to work on tuesday, later going up a slight hill pulling on the bars the complaints from my back and shoulders told me I wouldn't be singlespeeding on the night ride. I concentrated on keeping my head down and spinning smoothly and efficiently and promptly rode straight passed my turning, dead efficient that!

Evening I set off, late as per usual, spun up barrow bridge, ouch, it was windy up top but surprisingly dry. Did two lads which is riding well, along georges lane and did ICR, woah when did this get all chewed up? Really rocky and loads of the lines changed. Waited for the lads at the top car park, saw Simon (whose blog is down at the mo) and said hi. Si and Johnnie arrived and we set off, upto the pike much banter once again centred on Johnnies bike, over to hole in the wall. Bit tired climbing that then headwind to the mast which was hard work. There was a fair amount of speeding up slowing down and messing about as we subtly and not so subtly tried to draft each other. The plan was san marino, back up then down shoulder. Pretty good condition, I was buzzing by the bottom, still a couple of iffy bits but we made it down quick and intact. Set off back up in 3rd gear spinning away, after about 20meters my legs tried to seize up and I had to hit first gear and calm down, span to the top ok but legs were pretty shot by then, now way was I doing ICR and having to climb back up the gardens and didn't fancy the cobbled road, then georges, then chorley old rd so I said my farewells and did san marino again :-)

Bit slower this time, should have rested halfway but I stubbornly continued and suffered for the last minute, my calves were locked solid as I hit the last couple of drops at the bottom, feel the buuuuuurn, ouchy. A real man would have finished by riding up scout road, down the quarry then back up to the road to do smithills but I was done in so I called the mrs to put tea in th'oven and I spun down belmont rd into town, one tired individual. Major refuel time. Woke up still knackered and the gentle walk up to the train station this morning was damned hard work, bit more rest needed I think.

ps kids and microwaves don't mix, you're supposed to add milk before you warm the weetabix, stupid boy!

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