Friday, 5 October 2012

Nasty man

Spent most of yesterday upsetting people, what can I say, I'm bad. Got up and took the youngest to the docs where a nasty lady nice children's nurse gave him 3 injections whilst I held him down, he was not impressed. Walked to nursery with him on my shoulders, battering his bonce off a door lintel on the way, left a red mark but it didn't seem to bother him, he's hard, gets that from his mum. Back home and grabbed a spot of lunch before taking the bike out for a long overdue "proper ride" Last nights curry leftovers does not make a good preride snack however the resulting indigestion (see i upset my own stomach!) does disguise the burning in post cold lungs, so not all bad. Pedalling up a very quiet back street my gears were making a lot of noise, I looked down to see what the problem was, glanced up "SHIiiii..." car pulling out of a junction right in front of me, we both slammed on, driver (and his wife) scowled at me as I rode passed, I scowled right back, you pulled out infront of me mate don't give me that look. Upto winter hill down 2 lads, fun got a bit of an unintentional two wheeled slide going on round the dip/right/left a quarter of the way down, weeee.

Onto wildes stormed down there and down the dirt road where a dog nearly ran out in front of me, I saw it started to brake, saw it was on a lead (woman walking out of her drive) so let go and kept on. Lady took offence to this and started shouting at me but I ignored her, if me getting a bit close to your dog upsets you keep the lead tighter when approaching junctions, it is a road after all (there was a car behind me too). Sorry not very good for biker/walker relations but I have a very low threshold for dog walkers. Upto the pike where I met a guy in Team GB outfit on a cross bike. Was going to ask if he was a proper team GB member but as he got off to walk on the rocky corner before the pike, I guess not. Fun and games coming off the pike then went up the winter hill access road, mini bus came down the narrow road I held centre of the road until he slowed and moved to his left I slowed moved to my left, we passed each other waving thanks. Cool. Next came a silver 4x4 same again I held the centre he slowed but moved over to my side of the road, eek! I had to swerve off the road and called him a naughty name. He stopped and after I had passed reversed to follow me. Oh dear some anticyclist nutter. I got back to the centre of the road and hoped he wasn't psychotic enough to run me down, we eventually got to a wider bit of road where he could turn side on and shout at me "It's no cycling". Well for starters this bit where we are is still 20meters from the No cycling sign, where we passed was on a perfectly legal road section and I'm pretty sure even if I was in contravention of a RoW you're still not allowed to run me off the road with your 4x4 you odious little man! Unfortunately I didn't have this response lined up in my head I was just trying to get on with my ride without idiots trying to bring me down so I ignored him and rode off.

San marino cheered me up, proper cut up and now some interesting wheel traps, I nearly came off when I did a 2' drop off and my wheels sank upon landing almost stopping me dead, I slithered off in a rutted section and some more wheel grabbing wet grit bogs nearly got me, survived tho. Headed over to darwen next via WWW, did the river trail down slipper lowe and hit the sweetspot of gradient rockyness and bravado where I could leave the brakes alone and batter over the trail at a manageable terminal velocity. Upto the tower and down the access road weeeeee, so fast, could do with clipping the trees/bushes at the trail edge to open up visibility and go even faster, as it is some blind corners mean you have to slow right down and the last big water bar now has a whopping great ditch infront of it so mucho speed and massive bunnyhop or mince over it, ashamed to say I took the latter option. Home via turton res and tower again managing to upset some sensitive soul in his car, how? Well not sure TBH, just by me being on the road on a bike I think.

Despite all the people I upset I managed to enjoy myself, got very muddy, tired myself out and scared myself, 36miles, not bad considering all the time off the bike lately.

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