Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'll have a P please Bob

Just been doing some calculations, been pretty lax with riding totals so far this year. While my total mileage is still in the "not bad" region the offroad total is rubbish, about 500miles behind the usual for this stage of the year, the awful summer and messed up trails mean there's far too many "P commute" entries over there >>>>>>>>>
sad face
Not even been managing many offroad commutes which normally perks up my XC mileage, it might not be proper mountain biking but it's fun and a lot more enjoyable than road commuting, so I'll make the most of it when I can. Trouble is, the way they trails are I'd be covered in mud head to toe by the time I got to work and while work are pretty chilled about me sneaking my bike in, leaving a mud trail behind me and mud dripping off my bike during the day might lead to problems. Hmm see what I can sort out the next few weeks, definitely need to get some more xc miles in....

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Junkyard said...

we have all done less miles as it has been rubbish weather
We will MTFU in winter and build some base fitness ( unless it really rains hard , or is cold )