Thursday, 26 July 2012

testosterone fuelled idiocy

Harry the spider decided to do a TDF tribute ride, feeling all patriotic about wiggins' win I thought why not. Johnnie drove to mine and we headed out, took the scenic route (radcliffe) but still got there early. Bit of a wait before we got going btu eventually we set off where it became abundantly clear mountain bikers suck at road riding and can't manage a peleton to save their life (or indeed 40% of their energy) as much the fault of the faster riders inability to keep a steady pace as the slower riders inability (or apathy) to keep up but in fits and starts we reached ainsworth and then a wonderful thing happened, the big rings came out egos inflated and several riders charged the downhill and sprinted up the other side to walshaw, woohoo, check it out, we're racing. Excellent fun. Regroup for the "Col Du Gran Batard" turns out it's a hill I've done a couple times on extended commutes upto affetside. Started climbing with Johnnie and molgrips (who had ridden over from preston!) but when HtS came passed I tagged onto him, chatted a bit then after the chicane either he faded slightly or I just felt strong but I started to head away from him, then I got the bit between my teeth and turned on the power and kept on til I was giving it everything, felt good, apart from the racing road rides are basically just trashing yourself so that's what I did.

Regroup at the top and flew down the roman road, through hawkshaw and headed down to tottington some more hill sprints happened :-)  and then we ended up at the bottom of the col again, HtS jokingly suggested doing it again, I took him far too seriously and suggested me, Johnnie and molgrips went back up taking a shorter and more interesting route back to my house, bizarrely they agreed. Set off back up a more steady pace this time, staying together, headed down totty rd to harwood, quick climb to stitch mi lane, drop through breightmet then another sprint up thicketford brow. and a coast home, well until we got to the lights at the bottom of my street where johnnie said he was getting ready to make his move :-) We waited for the lights to change and sprinted, down the hill right fork and a final charge upto my house, johnnie couldn't get into big ring so was out of the running, molgrips was catching me up but couldn't make it in time and I crossed the line ahead. Quick brew at mine before Johnnie ferried molgrips prestonwards.  Absolute corker of a night, perfect weather just the right temp not a breath of wind, light traffic and a selection of like minded people up for playing silly buggers on them racing bikes.

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