Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nothing new

Started watching the olympic road race, breakaway group blah blah 4hours until the finish, set the recorder and went out. Got back later and to watch it fast forward through all the chasing, hmm not caught up yet, keep going, nope still not together, fast forward to shots of pall mall, erm why are there only 2 guys? WTF, where is the rest of the peleton? How depressing, specially after the big build up. Media hype but didn't happen on the day, sound familiar?

Ride planned for sunday morning but it was hammering it down so scrapped that, brightened up in the afternoon tho when I was busy, been here before.

Monday I did get out for a ride with Burk, rain through the night and showers predicted so where to go? Low cloud so passes are out, wet so grassy stuff out, hmm how about grisedale (again), the kind of familiarity I can deal with. Nothing much to report, lots of puddles so got quite wet but ground was good going, not much rain, even some sun, good riding, no crashes, lovely. No problems til the last descent, I got to the bottom waited.... and waited no sign of burk so rode 2/3rds of the way back up to find him fixing a puncture, ah well more downhill for me. Just over 3 hours is pretty quick for us.

Can we have some more summer now please?

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