Monday, 13 June 2011

I am the rain (dodge) king

Last week it pissed it down all week, but I somehow managed to get a full week (well 4 days) commuting and a nightride with out getting wet. Monday I managed to miss the showers, tuesday too, got home it was looking a bit grim so I grabbed the SS and went out. Just as I was getting to burnt edge there were a few drops of rain but I turned round and bolton was engulfed in a wall of rain, a pretty double rainbow too. Could clearly see the main one curving from markland hill to horrocks fold and a fainter one above it, nice and a lucky escape for me. While descending I passed some riders going up hole in the wall, down to the barn and another big group of riders just setting off from there, amongst other, plenty of riders about. Met Johnnie and we decided for a change to go round Lead mines clough. Across belmont old rd and met the guys from hole in the wall on the descent from rivington rd. Chatted to them for a while then we dropped into Lead mines and caught up with the big group from the barn, luckily they were at the gate halfway up the climb back out so I cleaned the whole climb for the first time (ever I think but def 1st time SS). A mooch round the res then off home via the pike. Thursday was more of the same everywhere I went the road was wet and full of puddles but no rain. Friday was forecast thunder and rain so I ditched the idea of riding in xc and took the road bike again but of course it was fine and sunny all day (well until 5 anyway). Grrrr. Took the long route home and pushed a bit harder than usual, after which I spent all weekend coughing, always seem to have something wrong with me lately, not properly ill just niggly stuff, can't remember the last time I felt 100%. Dunno whats up, it's certainly not overtraining.

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