Friday, 17 June 2011


So another friday, another grim forecast, another road commute cop out, another lovely day. Grrr! Weather forecasters haven't got a bloody clue have they? I'd actually booked today off, planned a ride with Burk who rang in sick last night with a note from his mum. "Please excuse mark from games this week as he has diori diareer diareaor he's got a dicky tummy." Weather forecast as mentioned was grim turning grimmer becoming biblical in places. The Mrs already had plans, charlie was at nursery so I cancelled my day off and am now sat at work blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the building opposite. (I am aware as soon as I hit Post and gear up for the ride home it will piss down)
Went out for a quick ride last night instead, the Mmmbop is finally built up again after stripping it for the blinglespeed and the hope hoop I bought 5months ago was finally used in anger. As soon as I got off road I broke a spoke (which tart thought red alloy nipples were a good idea?) Wheel stayed true tho. Up the valley, hall i'th wood and eagley were wet with some lethal cobbles and mossy tarmac, looks like I'm still dodging the rain. Bike felt ok, had a few things to tweak seems sorted now. Tried some new trails with mixed results. A good climb up to horrocks fold, rubbish descent down the other side, some flights of steps to jump, some boggy bits. Got home and chilled out for a bit including extolling the virtues of stans + sealent on a public forum so obviously when I went to put bike away I had a flat. Grrr. I pumped it back up, give it a shake and it was still fine this morning, maybe I got a puncture near home and it didn't get chance to seal. Now booked more days off work, hope these work out better for riding.


lowey said...

At least your riding.

Did I ever mention that after reading your forum I get lines infront of my eyes ?

D0NK said...

Yes sorry should be thankful for the riding I do get.

Lines? seriously? My eyes hurt when screen reading black text on white background. Light text dark background is supposed to cause less fatigue on your eyes.

lowey said...

Honest. If I screen read your blog then go to another web site or just simply look at white paper, i get the bloody lines infront of my eyes.

Junkyard said...

I never noticed that but he has a point tbh