Tuesday, 21 September 2010

salford crescent refurb

Lots of work going on at the crescent right now, a part of my road commute, at first I assumed it was gas/water work thats been going on all over manchester but no it appears they are making big changes. Bus lanes in either direction have been closed off and they are extending the pavements. Why? the pavements infront of the uni are colossal, the section between the uni and the train station are of a decent size, admittedly overgrown trees encroach on the pavement but gentlemen of salford I give you the black and decker hedge trimmer. Anyway it's currently a bit of a mess, what was a relativley safe easy section of road (with the odd bus lane raider to dodge) is now a PITA.
A bit of googling shows it might not be all bad (for cyclists and bus-ists) sabre (no I don't know who they are either) has a discussion on it and this link seems to show they are cutting speed down from 40-20 and will still have bus/bike lane. Basically a major facelift, 1 car lane, 1 bus lane, an extra crossing to contend with but basically not too bad if they get the link up with broad street right. Nightmare for drivers tho. Lets just hope no one gets smeared over the road during the work disruptions.


samuri said...

I'm still astounded that Manchester didn't vote to have the massive public/cycle upgrade that it so desperately needs. How anyone could sit in that traffic leaving Manchester in the evenings for hours and still think it's the best option is totally beyond me.

D0NK said...

Ah but everyone is car obsessed, only the pauper/plebs/weirdos use bus or bikes. If it was put to an open vote there's be 6 lane superhighways going into manchester from all directions and buses and bikes would be banned from them.
Not surprised the congestion got stopped, looked like it was going to be badly implemented. Upgrade public transport first THEN charge drivers not the other way round. Charge would have been brought in, services would have buckled and everyone would have got back into their cars and put up with the charge.