Monday, 15 June 2015


So I'm crashing then....? 
yep up comes the back wheel and there goes my CoG over the front hub, here we go, everything slows down. Better look for a soft place to fall - as tho I have any choice in the matter - this grassy bit immediately in front of my handlebars looks about right. Let go of the bars, launch myself forward, no chance of stepping over the bars and running it out, crunch I hit the deck on my left hand, right shoulder and knees. Hmm that wasn't too bad actual-AAAARGH MY KNEE! I look down at a rock poking out of the grass under my left leg, whoops, that'll smart. Pick up my bike, looks ok, squeeze the back brake, ouch I've tweaked my left hand aswell. This isn't supposed to happen, I very rarely crash when I'm with mates and "giving it some beans" I never crash when I'm on my solo and being careful (tho it has to be said when I dial it down it's not much, kinda like down to 99% of my usual) I do not crash.

Except I just have. I very nearly did on helvellyn too, hmm hope this isn't a developing trend. Hardware, that'll be it, my 36s not quite tweaked to my preferences just yet.

Except I went OTB on my 29er this morning too....

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